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When Should You Buy a Car?

Cars are one of the best ways to get around and having your own car is far more convenient than waiting for a taxi or bus.

If you are planning to buy a car and want to save, there are numerous ways to get a good deal. It is important to also plan ahead when purchasing a vehicle.

The best time to buy a car is at the end of the day, on the end of a month, and preferably the end of a quarter.

Since car dealers want to meet their required sales quota each quarter, they are likely to offer you a fantastic deal on a car. They will usually be very inviting, offers many bonuses for a car, like extended warranty, and might even throw in some free car accessories.

You can also get a better deal on a car if you but on a day that is raining. This is related to the fact that there will be minimal or no purchasers at the auto dealerships. Since, customers are always a top priority in any business, car dealers will be very accommodating and will offer you very good deals on a car.

Purchase your automobile during the holidays. During the holiday seasons, automobile sales are generally slow. Again, dealers will be very accommodating and throw in a great deal for a car.

Shopping for a car during the first days of the week may be one of the best things to do. That’s because lots of possible buyers attend on Saturday and Sunday. This means if you attempt to negotiate a price that’s not satisfactory for the car dealer they will just abandon you and attempt to bargain with a different customer.

On the other hand, early in the week – on a Monday or a Tuesday, for instance – auto dealers get very few potential buyers, so they’ll be glad to see you and are likely to be willing to discuss a really good deal with you.

Buying end of the year model of a car tends to be cheap. Once new models are introduced people lose interest in last year’s model.

Car dealers will want to sell off the model from last year in order to have room for this year’s model. This can force car dealers to lower the price and you can still lower it by negotiating. Various merchants will even offer you some complimentary things for the car.

The last car of a model series can often be purchased at a good discount. Production of the older model stops when a newer model is introduced to the market. So car dealers want to get the old model off their hands as soon as possible.

If you do not feel an overwhelming need to have a brand new model, this is a great way to purchase a vehicle. It can be obsolete or archaic but you got a nice deal.

If you really want to save with too good to be true discounts, buy when the government auctions off impounded cars. Some of these cars are impounded because the cars were used for criminal activities or by seizures because of tax evasion charges to the owners.

Surprisingly very new, these cars can also be in great condition and well-maintained. Many auctions offer as much as a 90% discount off vehicle purchases because the government acquired these cars free and can afford to sell them at a low price.

The point to all these is buy a car when a car dealership business’s is slow, and buy a car with outdated models to get car dealership to want to get rid of the outdated cars fast with cheap price. Government auctions of seized vehicles are great places to buy a new car.

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