Wheeling Through Vietnam With a Motorbike

For the uninitiated, Vietnam is filled with motorcyclists and bicycles as it is the preferred transportation for wheeling through the towns and cities. It is also one of the fun activities adventure seekers can partake. There are many motorcycle tours that are currently available for tourists. Some tours can get up to ten days in length and it is definitely a different type of experience, road-tasting Vietnam and seeing the country.

Some of the tours start off at Hanoi, the northwest part of Vietnam and the trail sets off for 10 days. The tour includes escapades and stopovers in various northwest regions from Muong Lay to Sapa to Vu Linh before heading back to the starting point in Hanoi. There are also the northeast trails and the central trails to follow and customized and scenic tours are also available for those who want an easy ride. Scenic motorbike tours take you to Ha Giang where beautiful mountains and lakes await on a beautiful day. It is part of the adventure to include bad weather but usually a little waiting out gets the plan back on track for the tour.

For those who are interested in having a one day adventure on the motorbike, your local tour guides are more than happy to arrange a group for you. Note that most biking tours starts in Hanoi; as such it is a great place to shop for a tour while in Hanoi and make your way out to see Vietnam from the city.

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