How to Size Motorbike Helmets

Have you ever had a motorbike helmet that did not fit? Doesn’t it get annoying? Not only can it irritate you as you riding but it also can be very dangerous. It is very important to make sure when you are purchasing your new motorcycle helmet that you take the time to make sure you get the right size.

One of the best ways to size your head for your new helmet is to get a friend to help you measure. You will need one other thing, a cloth measuring tape. Have your friend hold the measuring tape around your forehead approximately one inch above your eyeline. But make sure that is the biggest part of your head if it is a little higher than an inch then move it up to where your head is the roundest. Now your friend should wrap the cloth measuring tape around that point and find out how big your head is in inches/centimetres. Now take that measurement and proceed to the following information.

Motorbike helmets usually come in many many sizes. Xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge these sizes are almost guaranteed to be available. Many places even have your xxsmall and xx large. If your measurement falls in between 52-53 cm then your size would be an extra small. If you fall in between 54-55 cm your size would be a small. If you fall in between 56-57 cm you would wear a medium. If you fall in between a 58-59 cm you would wear a large helmet. If you fall in between 60-67 cm you would wear an extra large. So just take your measurement and see what size you fall under. It is always a good idea to find a local store to try on some helmets and see how certain sizes fit!

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